When should I schedule my newborn session with Ally + B photography?

It’s actually best to schedule your newborn session when you are in or around your second trimester, or as soon as you are able to.  It may seem much too early to book a session, however, it actually ensures that you will have a future session.   Since newborn photographers (myself included) and other photographers book newborn sessions months in advance, there may not be availability in the schedule if you wait to schedule your session. 

How do I schedule my newborn session if it’s months in advance?

Once you contact me and let me know your due date, we will schedule a tentative session date based on your due date.  My newborn sessions are typically done when the baby is 5-10 days old.  The tentative session date would then be about 5-10 days after your due date or scheduled c-section.  I will send you a contract and you will pay the deposit in order to secure your session.  Once you have the baby, you will contact me within 24-ish hours in order to determine if we can keep the original session date or if it needs to be changed. 

What happens if I have my baby early?

Do not stress about your photo session if your baby decides to make an early appearance!  You will just contact me and let me know that you had the baby early and we will discuss if there was a NICU stay or any other concerns, and from this information determine the new session date. 

Do you come to our house for the newborn session?

I am an in studio newborn photographer so your session will take place at my studio in Naperville, Illinois.  There are two main reasons that I prefer to do my newborn sessions in my studio space.  One is that I prefer having very consistent studio light to ensure a final set of photos that represents my style and my brand.  Secondly, I have many wraps, blankets, crates, bowls, hats, headbands, and other props that I like to have on hand in order to make the most of my sessions.

Do I need to bring props to my newborn session?

Your newborn session includes the use of all my props, blankets, wraps, hats, headbands and other items.  You do not need to bring any extra items.  I will fully plan and style your newborn session based on my style of photography and editing.  Your portraits will have a beautiful natural and organic look to them.  If you’d like to bring one heirloom item to use in your session, please let me know before your session and I will plan it into the session.  We will also talk before the session to go over any questions you may have.  In addition, I will be sending you a newborn session prep guide that will give you information about how to prepare for your session.

Are family and sibling photos included in my newborn session?

Yes family and sibling photos are included in the newborn session, but they are optional. 

Can you re-create this newborn photo I found on pinterest?

While it’s always fun to browse through pinterest and admire other photographer’s work, I cannot and will not copy another photographer’s art, and I hope that other photographers would not copy mine.  Our work is our own and reflects what type of artist we are, telling our own story along the way.  I am confident that you are hiring me because you admire my style of work and you feel it fits in well with what is best for you and your family.

Why is it best to invest in professional newborn photos?

There are many reasons why professional newborn photography is a big investment, however, one of the most important aspects is the safety of your sweet newborn.  Along with many webinars and online courses, I continue to take in person workshops and mentoring sessions that ensure safety and best practices of newborn photography.  Even if you have a good friend with a DSLR camera that does photography as a hobby, I strongly recommend that you hire a professional photographer for your newborn photo session.  You can rest easy knowing that you invested in not only gorgeous, timeless photos of your new little miracle, but that your little one was kept safe and comfortable through the whole process.

We just booked a family photo session with you, but I have no idea what to dress my family in for the session!  What should we wear?

Please do not stress about planning outfits for your family photo session!  During the booking process, I will be sending you a prep guide that explains what to wear and how to prepare for your photo session.  I will also send you my current free outfit guide that includes different sample looks and information on how to put outifts together to enhance your stunning family photos!

We have an outdoor photo session booked with Ally + B photography but I’m worried about bad weather.  Will the session be cancelled or can we reschedule?

The session will always be rescheduled due to inclement weather!  As long as you have paid your deposit to secure your session, we will reschedule the session in the event of rain, snow/sleet, or high wind/storms.  I will not reschedule sessions for overcast or cloudy days unless it is very dark/cloudy and there is rain or storms in the forecast.  Please do not stress if it’s not a sunny day for your session!  Overcast skies are actually perfect for portrait sessions because the clouds act as a diffuser and soften harsh shadows on people’s faces.  

We have a session scheduled in the evening before sunset.  I’m worried my little one will not cooperate because it’s close to bedtime.  Do you do morning sessions?

I only shoot outdoor sessions in the evening.  The reason for this is because the light in the evening is gorgeous and it allows me to have a consistent look to my photos that represent me as an artist.  There will be so much playing and giggles that your little one will hardly even notice it’s late or that he/she is tired (I’m a former early childhood teacher so playing with small children is part of who I am.  I also have two young children of my own).  I do not do any outdoor morning sessions.  In addition to the light being very harsh in the morning, the grass and ground are usually very damp with dew in the morning and it can be very chilly depending on the time of the year. 

I read in your bio that you are a former Early Childhood Teacher.  How did you get started in photography?

I graduated from Elmhurst College with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Art.  I had originally planned to become an Art Therapist, however, after going back to school for my M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education, my career path changed and I began teaching Early Childhood Special Education and Kindergarten.  When I got pregnant with my son Brandon, I ended up having complications and was put on hospital bed rest for 7 weeks, with a total of 13 weeks of at home and hospital bed rest.  After I had Brandon (he’s a healthy happy little boy now!) I decided to quit my job as a teacher and focus on my children (I also have a little girl now named Alexandra, who we call Ally – and hence the name of my business “Ally and B”).  I’ve been a stay at home mom but still the drive to pursue an artistic career has been motivating me to turn my hobbies into something more.  I come from a very artistic family, but my dad especially is an amazing artist and also a musician.  He worked his whole career in the printing business and is very knowledgeable about film and photography.  He bought me my first DSLR camera, taught me the technical aspects of using a camera, and has been my biggest supporter of this new journey I’ve taken!  In just a short time I’ve been able to turn a photography hobby into a full-fledged business that I absolutely love and feel I was meant to do!  I am passionate about becoming the best photographer I can and continuing to pursue my personal and professional goals.  I am a firm believer in professional development and therefore continue to take webinars, online workshops, and in person mentoring sessions for photography and business so that I can better serve my clients, my company and my brand.  I feel so honored to already have met so many amazing families through this journey and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!  I absolutely look forward to working with many more babies, children, and families in the future!  Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the photography world!  Xo, Marie

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